We invented into the whole new level of Fabrication. Our Fabrication department officially started since 17/2/2016. By now we had gotten into most of the different jobs and projects.

In our service we are doing :

  • Acrylic letter
  • Acrylic Box-Up
  • Laser Cut & Engrave
  • Diamond Polish
  • Router Cut & Engrave
  • LED Neon Rope Signage
  • Motion LED Strip
  • Fabric Light Box
  • 3D Printing Box-Up Letter

Motion LED Strip

Motion LED Strip is new into market, it following the command we had set to makes poster look more reality and amaze attract more eye sight into it.

Neon LED Rope

Brand new Neon LED Rope, Can making your Design looks more awesome and more friendly to install. It’s Silicone material makes more flexible to create Signage.

Fabric Light Box

We had doing the largest Fabric light box into our Exhibition, and It’s looks greater than ever, It’s coming with single face and also double face. it’s makes more easier to install into anywhere.

3D Printing Letter

3D Printing Letter is an evolution of Acrylic box up letter and also bending Machine. It can create small letter that Acrylic box up letter and Bending Machine cant. It makes us more easier to do from customer request of small lettering.